About Buy Steaks Online

Certified Angus Beef® Buy Steaks Online is the online ordering website for Order Up Steaks, located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Buy Steaks from beef producers in the heart of Nebraska. Buy Steaks Online delivers mid-western corn fed USDA Choice steak or higher to homes and businesses across the United States and beyond.

Order your steaks, fine meats and cheese from Buy Steaks Online and save money. We have Weekly Steak Specials! We have a selection of gourmet steaks, beef, deli meats, seafood and fine cheeses! Steak lovers know the difference between our quality hand-cut steak and steak from the other guy that offers ‘dead cow’. Buying steak from Buy Steaks Online (Order Up Steaks), and you buy only the best quality choice cuts of beef. There are eight grades given by the USDA for quality of steak. The top three grades of steak are Prime, Choice, and Select. Buy Steaks Online only sells Choice grade or higher. Our company, Buy Steaks Online, takes pride in producing only the best steak and meat products. Buy Steaks Online sells Certified Angus Beef (CAB) for exceptional tasing steak! Our steak is in a category of less than 8% of all steak qualifies to be in this category, with only the best of Choice steak and Prime steak, meeting the CAB brand’s strict standards. Try our Steaks and taste the difference.

Buy Steaks Online employees (from the meat cutters to the customer service representatives) value our customer and treat them with good 'old fashioned' service they deserve. Steak that comes from a traditional meat locker/custom meat processing facility in Nebraska. We launched Buy Steaks Online - our ordering website to make our quality meat available to many more satisfied customers. If you happen to be in Nebraska and would like to visit the meat locker, just come on by Order Up Steaks in Norfolk! Our experienced meat cutters takes great pride in their ability to judge and cut quality meat. The steak and beef we are selling is no less than Certified Angus Beef Choice. The CAB brand is known nation wide for the strict guidelines of qualification for their program. Steak, fine meat and cheese cut fresh to your specifications on the same day you order.

Meat Locker History

Order Up Steaks is located in Norfolk, Nebraska, in the heart of beef and pork country. Cory Allemang of Clearwater, NE purchased the meat locker in January 2007 from the Johnson family. The Johnson family had owned the meat locker for the past 60 years. Order Up Steaks ensures its meat and cheese customers the safest and best quality of meat and cheeses, with the latest vacuum meat and cheese packaging equipment and sanitary meat handling techniques. Order Up Steaks is a professional meat locker with outstanding customer service along with reasonably priced steak, fine meat and cheese products.

Steak Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy Steaks Online guarantees that our prime rib, top sirloin steak, T-bone steak, porterhouse steak, rib eye steak, beef tips, beef patties and all of the rest of our meat is cut from the finest quality of USDA inspected meats. Our steak, beef, fine meat and cheese products are vacuum sealed and flash frozen immediately; packed in dry ice and shipped via UPS 2-Day Air to ensure freshness when it arrives at your door. When you purchase steak, fine meat and cheese from Buy Steaks Online you receive exactly what you've wanted through a mail order steak company, quality and freshness that you can't get anywhere else! Order Online at your convenience.

Steaks Cut Right... Our People are the Steak Experts!

Order Up Steaks/Buy Steaks Online employees are experienced, meat cutters that have over 75 years of experience hand-cutting meat. Order Up Steaks/Buy Steaks Online employees are local (from Nebraska) and know what good corn fed steak/beef tastes like. Our experience shows in the steak, fine meat and cheese selections you receive in your order. Steak Experts that love what we do!

Why is Nebraska Steak/Beef the best?

Nebraska is known for its second to none steak, beef and pork. World renowned for its perfectly marbled and finished corn fed beef, Nebraska is also one of the nation’s premier pork producing states; producing some of the leanest and juiciest pork in the nation.

Steak from Buy Steaks Online is the perfect gift for any family member or friend that loves exceptional steak! Steak from Buy Steaks Online makes a great holiday gift or just to say thanks neighbor! Nebraska Steak/Beef from Buy Steaks Online is delivered to anywhere in the United States and beyond. However, shipping will need to be calculated for orders outside the USA.

Nutritional Fact: Nebraska Beef provides 39 percent of your daily needs for zinc, important for a healthy immune system. Three ounces of cooked beef contains 25 grams of protein and three ounces of broiled top sirloin steak contains almost three mg of iron.