7 Benefits - Buy Steak from Buy Steaks Online to Save Money!

You can do this two different ways: 1. buy a side of beef and get great quality, locally grown and processed beef at a reasonable price. 2. Request a certain cut and you can order in bulk. Want 50 Ribeye steaks or 100 sirloin steaks? You got it! It's easier to plan meals around what you already have in the freezer. Reducing trips to the store to pick up a steak or two saves you money! When you purchase steak, fine meat and cheese in large quantities/bulk, you're supporting the local beef producer/farm economy. And, in our case, our family.

Buy Steak from us and save money...

  1. Superior quality steak, fine meat and cheese

    Grocery-store steak is aged 5-7 days. Steak and other product purchased from a meat locker is generally aged 14-21 days.

  2. The Best Ground Beef!

    Commercial/grocery store ground beef is often produced using meat from dozens of animals. When you buy ground beef in bulk from Buy Steaks Online, the ground beef is produced from a single side of beef, and in-turn minimizes the risk of contamination.

  3. Buy Steaks is a family-owned business

    When you buy steaks from us you are supporting a meat packer/processor family run business!

  4. Easier on your Budget!

    Buying steak, fine meat and cheese all at once, is an easy way to budget your costs for an extended period. Families save on average $300 per year on buying steak in bulk and keeping it in their freezer.

  5. Save on Gas... with fewer trips to the grocery store

    You save gas too! You no longer have to plan your meals around what's on sale. Less stress when you buy steaks online.

  6. Better Packaging - packed for freezing

    If you buy steak from Buy Steaks Online or a side of beef, the packaging is ready for immediate use or for months and months in the freezer. You decide on when you want to enjoy your steak!

  7. Better Value - Better Quality

    Buying Steak in bulk or a side of beef can save you money and is better quality than buying from a grocery store.