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Looking to Buy Steaks Online? Buy Steak 100% USDA Choice or higher!

If you are looking to buy steaks online and want only the best hand-cut, fresh, quality steak, you've come to the right Steak Ordering Website! Steak cut daily to ensure you receive only the freshest mail order steak. Steak orders are processed, cut, packed and shipped via USPS within 24 hours! Buy quality steak, fine meats and cheeses from Buy Steaks Online. Now you can enjoy Gourmet Steakhouse Steaks (restaurant quality steaks) at home. Buy steak from us and you are buying steak directly from our Nebraska beef producers. We sell only the finest steak, fine meat and cheese. Nebraska Ranchers know what a good steak tastes like. Steak that is 100% USDA Choice Grade or higher. Steak that is shipped in the mail within 24 hours from when you order your steak online. Steaks that are flash frozen and sealed immediately after the steak is cut to preserve the quality and freshness of your steak order.

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Buy steaks with Buy Steaks Online and you save on your steak purchase! We only sell THE BEST STEAK - Choice Steak that we would serve at home with our own friends and families. We sell steak, meat and cheese that is affordable. Compare our steaks to any other online steak website and you will find you get only the best steak at a very good price.

Buy Steaks Online - Our Mission:

At Buy Steaks Online/Order Up Steaks, we believe in the principle that we will not sell steak, other meat or cheese to any customer that we ourselves would not purchase and serve to our own families and friends, We treat every customer like family!

A Local Favorite (Our Nebraska Steak) goes Worldwide!

Buy Steaks Online/Order Up Steaks are quickly becoming well-known for exceptional quality and as one of the finest steaks available online today. Steak that is 100% Choice Grade or higher. Steak that is tender, juicy and exceptionally tasty!

We specialize in selling quality steaks to our customers. Our customers all agree we have only the finest steaks, meats and cheeses. We take pride in our steaks as a Certified Angus Beef meat locker. Our meat cutters select our filets according to the most exacting grade and marble standards. Each steak is hand-cut to perfection.

Nebraska Steak/Beef is known worldwide for the quality and unique taste. Many of you know that right in Omaha, Nebraska there is a company that sells steaks to consumers worldwide. Nebraska beef is in demand. We are not in Omaha, but there is a reason we're located where we are. We choose to be located in the heart of Nebraska so we stay close to our beef to select from the best cornfed cattle in the area. We've gone global, you can order our steak and other product on our website, on the phone or by mail. We are quickly becoming more than just a local favorite meat locker offering great steak, meat and cheese. Our steaks and other products are available online and we've been shipping orders across the USA and beyond. You've tried the other guys, now try one of Nebraska's Finest Meat Lockers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ordering Steak and other product online...

If you buy steaks, cheese, or our other meat products online you must order at least $20.00 or more. Steaks purchased in bulk may qualify you for additional discounts not shown on site. We have huge specials everyday on steak and other Order Up Steak items. Call us to find out more.

Omaha Steaks vs. Nebraska Steaks

Omaha Steaks | Everyone loves searching for Omaha or Nebraska beef. (Why should you order steak from us?) The online steaks debate answered now.

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